• The hospital’s Emergency Room offers assessment, treatment and admission of all psychiatric emergencies guided by hospital admission policy. A well-coordinated team of Triage ensures the efficiency of the acute services.

    Continuity of psychiatric services is ensured for inpatients who need more time for recovery. Assignment of Social workers ensures re-integration of inpatients.

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  • Rehabilitation aims to promote or enhance the independence of our clients in their community, by allowing them to engage in meaningful, productive activities of their choice, facilitating their recovery.

    Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation includes:

    • Assessment
    • Treatment planning
    • Treatment implementation
    • Frequent re-evaluations
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  • To ensure that the best quality psychiatric service is provided to our clients, the management .
    At present patients are distributed across the facility in twenty two wards with each ward staffed by psychiatric nurses, enrolled assistant nurses, psychiatric nursing aides and ward assistants
    Approximately two thirds of the patients are long-staying, who do not necessarily require the same level of care as the more critically ill psychiatric patients.

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  • Out of approximately 800 inpatients at the Bellevue Hospital, over 600 have been with us for many years.

    The institution and these patients depend on the generosity of donors and well-wishers. You can help by donating to the institution to assist in meeting the needs of these patients.

    Bellevue has been grateful to various donors who have given generously out of their genuine desire to help our patients. You can also play a part.

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