Since the reorganization of the BVH in 2010, there has been a number of significant achievements in the operation of the largest psychiatric institution in the English speaking Caribbean. These improvements have been initiated consistent with the government’s strategic mental health plan, particularly as it relates to de-institutionalization, de-stigmatization and de-centralisation. To this end, the admission and discharge policy of the institution has been modified to ensure that patients are rehabilitated in the shortest possible time, and reintegrated into their communities. Thus, admission of chronic psychiatric patients for long-stay is no longer accommodated.

Other major achievements to date include:

  • Appointment of Board of Management to strengthen governance structure
  • Reorganisation of management structure and reclassification of posts to improve accountability and management efficiencies
  • Improvement in the institution’s security arrangement have reduced break-ins and robberies.
  • Cafeteria and Recreational area: The institution for some time has been without a staff cafeteria, as a result of a fire that did significant damage to the infrastructure. The building has undergone major renovation and new equipment installed. That facility is now operating at full capacity. The recreation area was also repaired and equipped and outfitted with a number of items to facilitate staff welfare and recreational activities.
  • The In-service Education Unit was significantly upgraded including the installation of modern technology to enhance the learning experience of internal and external clients as well as to facilitate meeting and conferences
  • Clinical services have been improved through infrastructure repairs and modification to critical service levels, including Emergency Room, Specialist Psychiatric Clinic, Internist and HIV Clinic, Pharmaceutical Services and health information system.
  • Improved quality of care by reducing the resource gap in Enrolled Assistant Nurses and Psychiatric Nursing Aides
  • Improvement in social work activities to reduce in-patient population
  • Refurbishing and equipping of a Dental Unit to provide services to the in-patient population.
  • Improvement in the provision of Dietetics and Nutrition services thus providing a better environment to facilitate training and internship experience. The department was comprehensively renovated, equipped, business processes improved and staff trained to enhance their working environment, improve service quality and better satisfy public health requirements.
  • General beautification, infrastructural layout, road network and signage to improve the institution corporate image, client satisfaction and improve staff morale.