Corporate Profile

Government of Jamaica, through the Ministry of Health, granted autonomous status to Bellevue Hospital in 2010. A new Board of Management was introduced to provide oversight to the Hospital’s operations including those of the Kenneth Royes Rehabilitation Centre. The Chairman of the Board reports directly to the Minister of Health.

The instrument of authority that legitimizes the Bellevue Hospital Board of Management is Section 21 of the Mental Health Act that established the “Bellevue Hospital Management Scheme, 2013”; published in the Jamaica Gazette, Thursday, March 26, 2013.

The institutions management team is headed by a Chief Executive Officer that reports to the Board of Management and has responsibility for the day to day management of the facility. The recurrent budget for the institution is provided directly from the Ministry of Finance, while capital budget is provided through the Ministry of Health. The institution also benefits from corporate services from the Ministry of Health such as Legal Services, Auditing, Industrial Relations and Project Management.

The following outlines the Bellevue Hospital Management structure

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