Staff Welfare

At the Bellevue Hospital, of critical importance is the well-being of staff members. Working with the mentally ill can be very taxing on an individual’s psyche. Therefore, the Hospital’s Social & Welfare Committees play a critical role in planning and implementing strategies to ensure the continued well-being of its staff members.

For several decades, the Social Committee has been instrumental in the planning and execution of the well sought-after staff outing, where staff members are allowed the opportunity to relax and enjoy a fun-filled day on the beach or any other destination of their choice with financial support from the Hospital’s Administration.

In 2012, the BVH eagerly opened its well needed Staff Cafeteria & Recreational Centre. The Cafeteria offers a wide variety of meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner at a subsidized rate to staff members. The Recreational Centre, on the other hand, allows individuals to unwind in their free time playing pool, table tennis, dominoes, etc. The Welfare Committee hosts a number of activities at the Recreational Centre such as. After-Work Jams and Movie Fridays. Coupled with the After-Work Jam is the occasional theme day in which staff members ‘dress the part’ participating in the selected theme of the day, e.g. tie day. The centre has also seen the first of many domino tournaments to come where staff members and other guests are invited to participate in exciting competitions, as they vie for the championship trophy to be presented at the end of the year.

The Staff Welfare Committee remains committed to the maintenance of the area and its equipment as well as ensuring continued planned activities for staff recreation. Included in these activities is the annual staff dinner and awards function held during the festive season. At this event staff look forward to seeing who will win the coveted title of Employee of the Year, as well as honouring the retirees who have served the institution with great dedication. Staff members who are unable to attend due to their assigned duties are not left out as they receive festive dinner packages specially prepared for them. Also during the season staff members, patients and friends of the Hospital gather to share in the spirit of Christmas at the annual Carol Service held on the hospital grounds. In celebration of the diverse ethnic groups represented at the institution, staff members showcase aspects of their culture such as food, clothes, history, artifacts, on Cultural Day, which is usually held in October of each year.

It is the ultimate vision of the Staff Welfare Committee to stand in the gap, offering support to distressed members of staff of the Bellevue family during times of extended illness and bereavement and providing emotional support to any individual in need of such. The committee also celebrates and encourages the achievement of and provides support for individuals in this regard as well.
It is often said that ‘there is no good health without good mental health’. The management of the BVH remains committed to not only provide an environment that improves the quality of life and rehabilitation for the mentally ill but also ensures that the employees areprovided with adequate support systems and activities to cope with the challenges presented on the job.