Open Tender

This is referred to as International Competitive Bidding (ICB). The purpose of ICB is to provide a fair opportunity for all eligible and qualified prospective Bidders to compete for contracts, by soliciting interested from a wide a field.  As such, this procurement opportunity is open to all interested local and overseas contractors.

Contractors should be registered with the National Contracts’ Commission (NCC), prior to the award of the contract. The entity is required to give adequate an timely notification of the Procuring Entity’s requirements. For this reason, theses opportunities are advertised internationally in the United Nations Development Business (UNDB) Online, or in an appropriate international publication, similarly, it is advertised in a national daily circulated newspaper.

As the procuring entity, it is our responsibility to provide:

  • technical specifications that are drafted to permit the widest possible competition: and
  • formal Bidding Documents that are fair, non-restrictive, comprehensive and clearly describe the criteria method for evaluation and selection of the successful bidder


Selective Tender

Also referred to as Local Competitive Bidding (LCB), these procurement opportunities are open to all appropriately qualified contractors and registered contractors with the National Contracts Commission, at the time of tender submission. These opportunities are advertised in a national, daily circulated newspaper.


Limited Tender

This is where a specific number of contractors are invited to bid. Appropriately qualified contractors on the NCC register will be contacted and invited to participate.

Criteria for selection will include:

  • the nature of the good/service/works required;
  • the contractors relevant experience;
  • the contractors past performance record; and
  • the contractors current financial and technical capacities.


Procurement through Limited Tender is not advertised. Contracts may be awarded in the following cases:

a)    When no suitable tenders have been submitted in response to an International or Local Competitive Bidding procedure, on condition that the requirements of the initial tender are not substantially modified;

b)   When, for technical reasons or reasons connected with protection of exclusive rights, the contract may be performed only by a particular contractor and no reasonable alternative or substitute exists; and

c) For purchases made under exceptionally advantageous conditions, which only arise in the very short term in the  case of unusual disposals, resulting for example, from liquidation, receivership or bankruptcy, and not for routine purchases from regular contractors


Direct Contracting

Often referred to as sole sourcing, is a unique limited tender process where only one contractor is invited to participate.


This method is utilised under the following circumstances:

  • Where the procurement is of a confidential nature
  • If a particular contractor has exclusive / proprietary rights in respect of good, services or works
  • Where standardizing equipment is available from a specific source, and the Procuring entity has purchased goods, equipment or technology from a contractor, and additional supply is required for reasons of uniformity;
  • For the purpose of research, experiment, study or development;
  • Follow on procurement, where a contractor has already provided goods, services or work and additional goods, services or works of a similar nature are required to complete the procurement requirements; or
  • For reasons of extreme urgency brought about by events unforeseen by the Procuring Entity, the products or services could not be obtained in time by means of International Competitive Bidding, Local Competitive Bidding or Limited Tender procedures


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